Meet me, IT Specialist/Part-time Macaron Baker.

Macaron Love at first sight.

I first came in contact with macaron baking when one of my IT clients needed some branding work for her macaron baking business. When I saw the photos of her macarons I fell in love. That same day, I absorbed all the information I could on Facebook groups and by general advice decided to follow Mimi's recipe, french method.

We all know what happened, don't we? Everyone's first batch is a disaster and mine was barely proper for consuming. The next day, with clean tools, correct measurements and proper grinding/sifting I finally achieved a proper macaron batch, with high feet and no hollows.

The survivors of my first batch ever.
Some of the rare survivors of my first batch ever.

Since then I've been baking macarons - just for us here at home - and I felt the lack of a quick way to calculate the amount of ingredients needed for a certain amount of eggs or flour. We all dislike wasting ingredients and discarding a few grams of egg whites was simply not an option. That's when I decided to create maccalc (macaron calculator) to quickly calculate the ingredients ratios for my favorite macaron recipes.

I hope this calculator helps the macaron baking community as much as it helped me obtain the most perfect macarons.

Feel free to drop me a message on the contact page, and thank you for visiting.

What is MacCalc?

FREE Macaron Ingredient Calculator.

If you're a hardcore macaron baker then you know 2 eggs aren't always 50g, and you also know how much of an impact a few grams less can have on your macs. With that in mind I've decided to create this tool to help you quickly calculate the correct ingredient ratio for your favorite macaron recipes.

All you have to do is choose your base ingredient - eggs (my personal favorite) or flour - click "GO" - and voilá - the correct of amount ingredients will be calculated automatically and displayed along with some interesting statistics about that specific batch (still tweaking).

You can also provide the final amount of macarons you want to make and the app will calculate how much almond flour, powdered sugar, egg whites, caster sugar and cream of tartar you need.